We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Friday, March 16, 2012

Kimmy's Birthday


                At the San Xavier Mission by 8 a.m., this place always takes my breath away as a flood of wonderful memories filter their way through my mind...Our time there was precious - for our wedding, Cody's baptism, Native American events, Mass or just to walk, hand in hand, to the top of Grotto Hill, always pausing to soak in the view of the little farms, so startling green against the desert background...
              (here, in this courtyard, Kim and I had our wedding pictures taken.  There is a large, beautiful Spanish fountain in the center with old olive trees surrounding it.  Hummingbird darted everywhere!)

              The hardworking caretakers of the Mission, Toni and Ivan, greeted me at the large, aged wooden doors leading into the church.  Over the last 15 months, we have come to know each other pretty well.  Feels like I've known them my entire life.  "Your heart looks sad this morning." Toni said after we exchanged 'good mornings'.  I explained to her that it was Kim's birthday and went inside to light her a candle.
              I soon felt a presence on either side of me and was surprised to see Toni and Ivan flanking me.  They proceeded to sing in their native tongue a birthday song for Kim.  They followed it with our birthday song, but in their language.  They then led me in prayer with a Lord's Prayer followed by three Hail Mary's.  It was moving and what an honor!  I could literally see Kim, smile beaming, tears streaming down her cheeks...

             In the afternoon, we had Father Harry come over to our house.  I knew I needed to have some snacks on hand and thought "What would Kimmy serve?".  I thought a cheese and cracker tray and some sort of veggie tray would do it.  After Mass, I stopped in Fry's thinking they would have pre-made trays.  Not so much, and certainly not Kimmy's way, anyway.  I didn't panic, instead choosing some veggies, a couple types of cheeses and some fruit.  I nearly forgot crackers, but made it to the overwhelming assortment available these days!  "OK Kimmy!  This is too much!!  What do I do?"  I pleaded to the Heavens.  As if on cue, I leveled my gaze, staring straight at some townhouse crackers flavored with olive oil and sea salt...perfect.  "Thank you Kimmy!" I sighed.
             Angie came over for the ceremony.  Father Harry was inspirational, leading us in prayer.  He then had each bambini take some holy water, say their own prayer and sprinkle Kim's ashes and the nitcho.  Angie and I followed.  During the prayer, the sun shone brilliantly and there were some beautiful clouds overhead...Kim's presence was unmissable, if that is a word.
             How appropriate that Kim's 47th birthday should fall on a Thursday?  Autumn talked about that all day!  It was on to Viro's with Father Harry packing extra holy water to bless Rose and Vito's bakery.

David and Cody shared calamari and mozz sticks.

Bri made Angie and I her famous cappuccino's and a white chocolate latte for Andrea.

                                   Little Maleah kept everyone entertained and Lexy, Mariah, Kim and Micha enjoyed some gelato.

                            Once everyone was in a food coma, Father Harry kicked it up a notch:

                            He began in Rose and Vito's office....

                            ...and doused the bewildered bread makers in the back with holy water...

Here's where Rose makes her magical pastries...duly blessed!

                          Our parade ended where it began, at our 'big table'...it was a nice day, one that Kim would surely have enjoyed...

                        And that was that.  It was a great feeling having Kimmy's ashes blessed...again?  I can't remember, back in the days of walking under water, if Father Harry ever blessed them for me.  Andrea believes he did...but, just in case!  So, it all made for a great birthday to remember.  And to celebrate...

                           Happy Birthday Kim!


  1. Dave, this is so beautiful. You brought me to tears.
    Indeed your sweet Angel surrounds you all.
    God bless.

    Connie Caprari-Shaughnessy

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  3. What a beautiful, special way to remember and honor a beautiful, special person! Continued thoughts and prayers for your family.