We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

5 A.M.

           When the alarm went off, at 5 A.M., I felt as though someone had spent the night beating me with a baseball bat.  And a rhinoceros had camped out in my mouth.  I also felt a certain sense of relief, that I had indeed remembered to set my alarm before falling off into a dreamless oblivion.
            Out the door by 5:30, with the little bambini trailing me - getting me my big Phillies cup full of ice water (which helped the 3 ibuprofen go down nicely), carrying my lunch bag (complete with decorated napkin, courtesy of Autumn) and blowing kisses, waving goodbye and wishing me a great day...a heroes send off!

Tony Bennett was at my store, to my delight and surprise.  He is much shorter in person than I imagined he'd be.  The venti cappuccino did wonders.
Meanwhile, the bambini enjoyed their riding to school with our neighbor Rachel and her daughter Parker.  Tonio had a rough start, forgetting his 'dog tag' for 'spirit week' at school.  Rachel dropped the kids off, raced back to our house and looked for it to take it back to him!
Lupe picked the kids up from school, and after getting their homework done - Lupe was excited - she had successfully helped Tonio understand long division!! A huge win!!   With homework out of the way, a Minecraft marathon broke out!  I raced from work back to Cottonwood for a Site Based Council meeting (Rock Star in one hand, my large, Phillies cup filled with ice water in the other - beginning to feel human again).  And then, off to Lupe and Manny's for my Tuesday night 'therapy session' in which we discussed parallel us' - do other us' exist, simultaneously, but in different times (Stephen Hawking's theory)?  Manny insisted that time is not linear, but can be bent - therefore, it cannot be two dimensional, so the possibility of another me, in another place and time is reasonable to believe...does that mean that there is another Kim out there somewhere?  I asked if he thought I could get to her.  We also tried to dissect and make sense out of my drinking with a dead guy last night, chalking it up to Kimmy making sure I believe...It's always nice to get that affirmation.
And Manny broke out the Bohemia and Tecate brought back from Mexico.  Their beer has no additives or preservatives, so it tastes so much fresher than our beer.  It also has a little more alcohol in it!  Muy bien!  It was a productive night.  Lupe made the most amazing chicken mole' and rice!!
                            Here's some more photos I ran across as I continue to find small treasures in our house...

Tonio's Baptism at St. Frances.

Kim and Cody, fresh off California Adventure's raft ride, slightly wet!

This one, was taken at our dinner table at our old home - love this shot.

                                             Downtown at the St. Patrick's Day parade 2005.

Tonio and Kimmy sharing a dance - I believe this was at Kim and Roshan's wedding.

Fully pregnant with Tonio - and so vibrant - in front of our old home.

Tonio joins our family.  Another blessing!!

                                       As I left the meeting at Cottonwood tonight, Autumn texted me 'Look at the sky!"  I texted her back "It's Mama telling you she loves you"...Autumn texted back a moment later ": )"...Lupe said they all stood in her back yard in awe...

                                     Thank you Kimmy....

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