We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Monday, November 26, 2012

More Photos

              Throughout the day, the Skyfall song haunted me.
                                          "This is the end
                                            Hold your breath
                                            And count to ten"
              It also haunted the bambini, who told me, when I finally got through work and other extra curricular activities, that they couldn't get the song out of their head.  Tonio humming it..

                                          " I’ve drowned and dreamt
                                           This moment"

                    I can't tell you how appropriate these lines were to the end...

                    While I listened to each and every detail that Autumn and Antonio breathlessly managed, telling me about their days, I waded through some more of the box of photos that magically appeared as we brought down Christmas from the ceiling...

                     ...a welcome surprise - but, wasn't that Kim in a nutshell?

                           At Purple Heart pool, where Cody took some swim lessons.  Looking like a boxer in his little robe.

                     Love this shot.  Cody and Kimmy in our luxorious swimming pool (Step 2, complete with detachable slide) in the backyard of our old home.

                                                   "Where you go I go
                                                     What you see I see"

                    Even at the end, you don't see the end coming sometimes...just thought we'd always be that line above.

                          Kimmy having fun, she always made everything fun, on our new backyard playground we built for Cody at our old home.  Yes, she went down the wave slide!

                                                 "I know I’d never be me
                                                  Without the security
                                                  Of your loving arms
                                                  Keeping me from harm
                                                  Put your hand in my hand
                                                  And we’ll stand"

                         Braving the curvy slide at Purple Heart Park - we used to love to walk there from our old home...

                                                   "Let the skyfall
                                                    When it crumbles
                                                    We will stand tall
                                                    Face it all together"

                         And we did face it together, when it all crumbled.  Kim, stoically keeping everything together, as she always did.  While I ran around trying to collect water in a sieve. 

                     Kim always made things fun for us - riding the train at Old Tucson with Cody.

                                              "Let the skyfall
                                               We will stand tall"

                     As we said goodnight to Kimmy, Tonio told me "Dad, I was sad about Mama today...". 



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