We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Full Moon?

                     Some days are harder than others...just the way it is.  So, when 'Lil Kim' hits me with the after school text 'Hey Dad, how u?  How was ur day?', I cannot immediately respond, as I think through what my reply is and what I really need to text back to her.  Around 10PM tonight, while at work, I felt my phone vibrate...Autumn had sent me a photo of me, kissing her cheek, when she was born. "Lov U"  she wrote.  And I melt.
                    Now at home, having just finished packing lunches, laundry, etc., and in the company of a beer and some Fritos (did you know that Fritos possess astonishing nutritional value?  How about calcium, vitamin E, Vitamin B6 annnnddddd Phosphorus, so I can glow in the dark) , I can decompress...
                   The lil ones were reunited with Monsi today, fresh in from El Paso - Lupe and Manny got them fed and ready for bed later on for me...They were all sunshine when I talked to them - which they always are after a night with the Barrios family!

                    Meanwhile, more pics!  Here's the lady that brought me the bambinis!!

Hiking 'A' Mountain for cancer walk 7 months pregnant with Autumn.

Cody hoists the flag we had placed along the walk, in honor of Kim's dad, Ken, who was fighting his own battle with cancer at this time.

Kimmy, grinning, at a baby shower our Toys R Us family through for her when she was pregnant with Cody
I have been reminded about how fragile life really is over the last few days....as a young lady, a junior at Cody's school, perished in a car accident.  Cody has been in classes with her brother since kindergarten.  The girl's dad and I once coached the boy's soccer team together.  I know loss, but I cannot begin to imagine the pain that goes with losing a child.  Also ran into friend who lost a grandchild - next month it will be three years, but she told me the pain does not lessen. 
When I hear these stories, of other's loss...their struggles...and I look at these pictures, the events of my past - I know that I have been blessed....
Kimmy sure loved her Cody boy - this one is in front of the locomotive ("In Spanish, that means 'crazy something or other' Kim told me) at Old Tucson.

At my mom's old house in Schnecksville, PA.

Hiking Sabino Canyon - Cody made some great faces for the camera!
Alas, the alarm will go off at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow  today...but, there a lots more pictures memories that I have to share. 
Oh, Autumn also texted me "AAAAHHHHH!  Full moon!", around 9:00 pm.  I've told the bambini stories about how the full moon brings out the crazies at my store.  Seriously.  Weird stuff happens.  Like someone putting a dry ice bomb in our patio garbage can.  Like me getting some dude doing heroine in our bathroom busted.  Like power outages.  Raging customers.  Over books.  I can't make this stuff up!  I told my head cashier, Holly, about Autumn's concern.  Holly told me 'No, it isn't fully full until tomorrow night!"  I texted Holly's wisdom back to Aut who replied "Oooooo!  Good!  Whew!  Wat a relief."
She also calls before they go to bed...I spoke to her around 10:00pm...I asked why they weren't in bed.  She told me her and the boys were out back saying good night to their Mama...Even when I have to work, and can't be there with them to say our good nights, they make it happen...
And the moon is beautiful.  The temp is 65 degrees right now...I'm going back outside for awhile...


  1. Dave, your kids are freakin' awesome. They truly amaze me. How in some crazy way, through the worst loss imaginable, they continue to shine. They continue to smile and bring happiness to so many others. You and Kim did it right. We were so blessed to know Kim, and we are even more blessed that through her passing, we've become even closer with all of you. (That's Kim hard at work, don't you think?) I especially know 3 little ones who think the world of your family! :)

  2. Hey Dave...I'm a faithful reader, checking in everyday. Always looking forward to hearing what you are all up to and stories/memories/photos from the past. You are all amazing and I know you feel so blessed to have had everything you had/have in your life, but dammit, it's just not fair what you all have to go through now. Don't ever feel guilty looking forward to "your time". You deserve that little bit of time to yourself and much more. Love you Dave and your kids! I hope Cody is doing ok, haven't read as much about him...Love, Laur