We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bella's view

            I miss my Mama.  I remember the day at B.A.R.K., when this wonderful person picked me up and held me close to her chest, saying nice, soft things into my ear.  And she smelled so good, too! I had this feeling, like I was home. 
           She made such a big deal about me, making me feel so special.  She gave me a spot in her own bed, with a warm blanket and a soft pillow for my little head.  No puppy gets treated like this.  I knew right away that she was a dog person and so full of compassion!
           Mama tried to teach me right from wrong.  I admit that I am a bit nefarious...but sometimes, I get bored and need to get my wiggles out.  I didn't mean to eat through the dining room table's leg.  How did I know it was a family antique?  My little teeth hurt and it felt so good to chew on.  Mama didn't get too mad, she put some stuff on it to make it look better, but I ate that, too.
           The thing that I miss most, is when Mama would get home from work around 11:30 a.m.  She would feed me lunch and tell me about her day.  We'd go out back in the yard and she would throw a ball to me.  Sometimes, she would take me across the street to the park!  I love the park!  The soft, green, grass feels so good on my piggies and the smells, oh, the smells.  I would throw myself down into its lush, green wonderfulness and just roll and roll!  And Mama would let me, actually encouraging me "go crazy, little Bella, go crazy!" she would say.
          She was so tender.  When I was not feeling well, Mama would take care of me.  She would check on me often, to be sure that I was ok.  She would explain to me that if I had thumbs, I could help her with cooking.  Or, if I had thumbs, I could open the door for her when her hands were full.  Or answer the telephone for her.  You get the picture.  She was never mean, nor taunting me about my lack of thumbs, always caring and respectful. Sometimes the kids make fun of me for not having thumbs, telling me things like 'you'll never drive, cuz you don't have thumbs' or, 'you can't even flush the toilet, cuz you don't have thumbs'...not Mama, she would never let me feel bad about having no thumbs...
          Oh, another favorite memory...each morning, Mama would wake up before anyone else in the house.  She would make herself some chai tea and always let me taste it.  Then, she would take her cup of tea onto our back porch and sit to watch the birds....I would try to sit and enjoy what she was enjoying...but, birds make me excited and, although I would try, I couldn't help but leap up and try to make friends with them.  It never worked, they would always fly away.
           And she would always give me treats when I was a good girl.  My friend and neighbor, Amy, made me the best tasting treats with real peanut butter (no nut allergy here!), that I just love - she is so nice to me, too.
                    Now that she is gone, I do my best to keep the little ones in line.  They are a full time job!  I always greet them after their long day in school and love to wrestle the bambini's in the living room.  I yell at them when they get too crazy, too.  They are fun and I love them very much.  I feel it is a big responsiblity for a puppy, but I'm up to it.
          Sometimes, I think I can still feel Mama, here in our home...and it gives me comfort...Credere...



  1. Uugh...that tugs on my heartstrings! Yes Bella, you too were clearly loved by your momma! Oh what we wouldn't all give to have her back...

  2. I agree with Ami...so hard to think about how different life is for all of you...
    even Bella...but I know you are comforting Bella, just like you are with the kids : )