We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fantasy Island

   No, there is no Tatoo, or Ricardo Matablan...just miles and miles of mountain bike trails through pristene desert....Fantasy Island is a mountain bike heaven, bordered on the south by Valencia, east by Houghton, north by Irvington and west by the air force base.  Cody has asked me what I thought our state looked like when the early pioneers came here and I tell him, when we are out in Fantasy Island, that is pretty much what it must have looked like.  When you are out there, you can't see any houses, cars, etc...with stunning views of the Catalina and the Rincon mountains.
    Typically, while riding the winding, up and down trails, we will come in contact with some wildlife.  A roadrunner, jackrabbits as big as dogs, and there are cattle. Sometimes chipmunks, too.
    Several months ago, I want to say it was June or May, I finally got Kimmy to agree to go through Fantasy Island with me.  I have been taking Cody out through the course since he was about 7 years old.  He is incredible.  He has one speed...fast, and we have a great time together out there.  So, on a beautiful day (do we have any other in Tucson?), we set out into the desert.  The folks who built Fantasy Island have done a great job.  This is state game land we are talking about, but there is a contingency of pride and some good people go out there into the desert to maintain landmarks for us novice riders, and keep the trails in good condition.
     When I took Kimmy through, we pretty much had the  course to ourselves.  This was good, as, Kimmy felt she was not prepared.  As we began our passage through this beautiful place and saw chipmunks and jack rabbits, Kim had trouble focusing on staying on the path - there was so much to see!   Kim, of course, viewed every thing she saw with awe and appreciation.  We only had to stop twice for her to catch her breath - pretty normal for this course, and during our stops, she would talk about everything we saw, the pretty little mesquite grove we went through, how isolated from civilization Fantasy Island makes you feel, and how good it was to be out on such a gorgeous day...
      We are riding through, at a good pace, and we pass a huge, black, bull standing beneath the shade of a Palo Verde tree...I'm thinking we are toast, picturing being impaled by the bull's massive black horns.  Instead, we glide right past him...when Kim needed a rest, up ahead, I asked how she kept so calm...she commented that she never saw the bull! And it was within 4' of her!
       Today, the bambini's had a good day!  Cody helped Brian and I lay another layer of block for the nitcho and the helped me sand down the old play set the kids have out back.  Brian's appendix surgery having went well - he is nearly back at 100%.  Tom and I took Alex and Cody through the 5 mile desert course this morning.  Cody is soooo fast!

       After the nitcho, I found out that Kim's banner is ready to fly.  We will rent a truck on Monday and get that put up! 
       Today, I cooked.  I started the bambinis with blueberry pancakes.  For lunch, I made turkey panini's.  Mitch and Hadley were here playing with the kids, and Brian, too.  And then,  seemingly early...so, I made chicken piccata (lemon caper chicken, one of Kim's specialties, and my favorite).   Finally, we went to Betsey and Brian's to unwind with them and Amy and Tom.  Cody is sleeping over at Alex's.  Brian had trimmed down the mat board on one of Kim's paintings for me and put it in frame.  It's of a ballerina dancing (posted a few days ago) and it came out beautiful.  I will hang it in Autumn's room for her to enjoy.
       So, I have the fond memory of riding through that piece of desert, Fantasy Island, with Kimmy that beautiful afternoon...I'm so glad we took that ride...
"...through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.” – Romans 15:3-4 KJV


  1. So excited to see Kim's Banner!! :)

  2. I loved riding through Fantasy Island too. I use to ride from our house to Pima when I was taking a Spanish course. Tim and I really enjoyed riding the trails. You never get bored because there is always something else to see. Cody being so fast has he ever raced at the BMX track that is across from Fantasy Island? Morgan loved racing there. I remember when I tried racing once I fell 3 times I still have scares. It is like they say the bigger you are the harder you fall :) Thanks for the wonder stories of AZ. Missing you guys so much.