We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Heckle and Jeckle

        What madness.  This morning, I needed to get to a staff meeting at Barnes & Noble.  Early.  I needed to leave the house around 6:15.  Ish. So, I asked Charlotte, who lives in our neighborhood and is a parapro at Cottonwood, who Kimmy worked with in Mary Montes' class, if she could pick the little bambini's up around 7:20 and get them to school. She said no problem.  Cody stayed the night at his friend, Jesus' house, whose dad, Joe got them to Desert Sky (after they stayed up until 1ish playing video games!).
         I'm not big on math, but, I realized I'd have to leave Tonio and Aut on their own for an hour or so.  AND they'd have to be getting themselves ready for school...I did not have a good feeling about it.  I began prepping them a few days ago.  Trying to let them get themselves ready - but, it was no use.  They are like any comedy team you've ever encountered.  I know that I am seriously dating myself, but, they remind me most of those two loveable magpies, Heckle and Jeckle.
              They always started out buddies, cracking jokes - but, it would typically turn sour, at some point.  Autumn and Tonio do that, in a viscious cycle, daily.  It's slapstick at it's finest.  Tonio is putting toothpaste on his toothbrush...in walks Autumn and nonchalantly gives him the elbow to the ribs, just as the toothbrush enters his mouth.  Tonio immediately retaliates, tossing the tube of toothpaste at Autumn's head, landing a sticky gob of Crest in her freshly combed hair...and then it just digresses.  So I was worried.
             Last night, I typed up a schedule for them.  6:15-6:35 - get dressed.  I laid out their clothes the night before for them.  6:35 - 6:55 - eat breakfast.  Before I left, I sliced fresh fruit and poured cereal for them - even juice and milk in a cup for the cereal - ready to go!  6:55-7:15 - brush hair, brush teeth, put on shoes. I put out brush, toothbrushes and shoes for them.  7:15-7:20  - put your lunch boxes in your backpacks, put on your coats.  Lock up Bella and listen for Miss Charlotte.   It all looked so good and easy on paper.  Autumn came to me, with the paper, her big, beautiful blue, Kimmy-like eyes, wider than ever and begged 'Dad, please!  Can you skip your meeting?  I'm scared.  I donwanna be left home along!!' 
             I called them when I arrived at Barnes & Noble at 7.  Autumn answered and immediately went into her Heckle routine; "Dad.  You should see!  Tonio still has not brushed his hair or his teeth!"  Tonio, wailing in the background "Yes I did!  Yes I did, Autumn!  Lemmee talk to 'im!".  Tonio (Jeckle) gets on "Dad!  Autumn didn't even clean up her breakfast dishes or feed Bluebell yet!!"  Autumn: "Did too!  Did too!"...Did I mention I was worried?
            7:35.  I receive a text from Charlotte:  "2 Conca's safely at Cottonwood! Have a great day!".  OMG.  What a relief.  When I got a chance, I texted back, asking if they were ready.  Charlotte told me (or lied to me) that they were ready and were no problem.  Hmmm....I'm skeptical...
            But, I'm thinking, more and more, that Kimmy had worked with these guys over the years...they do know what to do.  And although they sometimes resemble bumper cars, they could be counted on today to make things happen.  I was proud of them...Incidentally, I texted Cody a good night at 11 p.m. last night and again at 7 this morning to wish him well in school today and to tell him I loved him...and got texts back both times telling me he loved me too...I'll save those texts!

             Later, I got a call from Hilary, who I met the other day at Old Adobe Realty.  Her husband assists Dr. Atkinson, Kim's surgeon, in surgery.  She said she was getting pretty busy and could I help her with some customers who wanted to look at houses later this evening in Vail?  I told her sure - scrambled to get bambini coverage (thanks Patti and Dawn!), de-crapified my truck (three bambini = all sorts of flotsam and jetsam) and drive out to Vail...
            Here's where I desperately needed Kimmy - for that shot of confidence...and her once over - Was I dressed appropriately?  I think so.  Did I have my name badge?  Nope.  Remembered it half way there.  Did I have business cards?  Yep!  Did I pack cold beverages for everyone?  Yes!!  And no adult beverages, either!  Did I have my electronic key to unlock the key safes?  Yes, and it was fully charged for once.  I guess I did ok...and to keep cool, I put on a CD by James Blunt - soothing.  The last thing you want is to 'pit out' before you even meet your customers. 
            The customers, Sue and Scott - Scott works as a tech with Southern Az Anethesiologists at St. Joseph's...the group that handled all of Kim's surgeries...and, we were able to find them a house they liked enough to want to put an offer in on!!! 
            While I waited to hear from the listing agent and Hilary, I raced the bambini to swim lessons.  They are looking a little better...and had fun!  Cody lost a sneaker at track, so we stopped an bought him a new pair on the way home...we were going to meet up with Janene and see Brendon play some baseball and let the kids run around Purple Heart Park, when the calls started coming in...and I just finished the offer contract...felt good.  Although I missed some of Kimmy's special touches, I hit enought to get by...and the James Blunt  iced the deal.
           And I still managed to pack lunches, get clothes ready, wash, dishes, homework...not necessarily in that order, and get the bambini in bed by 9:30.  I'll take that.  No rest for the nefarious...
          The kids did a super job today...I am proud of them...and their Mama sure shaped them and smiles down on them...I'm sure she is proud too...



  1. You rock, Dave! That's all I gotta say!! Way to go!!

  2. You know Ami...just trying to channel my inner-Kim...situations like these raise my level of anxiety, but yet, these litle knuckleheads pulled it off - I have to give them credit!

  3. Wow! I'm exhausted just reading this...I feel like I couldn't take a breath until it was over : ) Kim would be so proud, we all need to channel the inner-Kim and things will be so much better!

    Great job Dave!

  4. Thanks Mary - that's my daily struggle - to live up to what Kimmy built for us...to keep the bambini feeling safe and loved...it's a non-stop juggling act!

  5. And I thought my days were a blur. Congrats to Autumn and Tonio for pulling off their morning!!! Not sure Zac and Kaitlyn could do it...together. Alone, maybe but together they are much like Autumn and Tonio. Must be the older sister/younger brother dynamics. They are clowns at times but that clowning around leads to them being mortal enemies! Prayers coming to you for your house sale! Love, Laur

  6. They did a great job of getting ready!! They were so grateful when I dropped them off, both thanking me :). I was going to text you later in the day to tell you that I actually got a hug from Tonio at recess....made my day!! Anytime you need help, Dave just let me know!

  7. Laur, you are an amazing mom, taking care of 4 bambini!!! And I know you guys do so much with those little ones!!

    Charlotte, thanks for coming to my rescue and getting the kids to school!