We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cars 2

      As the temperature hit 106 again today, we took shelter at the theater...there is not shortage of interesting movies out there...and so, we gathered together at the Park Mall...Along with the bambini, I picked up Janene's son, Brendon and Andrea's daughter, Breanna and we headed to meet up with Andrea's sister Kristie, in visiting from NM...she brought her daughter, Trinity, who is two weeks younger than Tonio - her and Kim experienced a lot of 'pregnant times' back then...where have 8 years gone? And her son Richie.
     The mall was hopping.  I immediately assumed that it was Saturday, a feeling I could not shake the rest of the day.  We managed to find a spot and hike across the bubbling tarmac without melting...and head right to - Justice.  Brendon and Cody fled for the safety of the Vans store.
     We wanted to get some food in the kids before the movie, so we made our way to the food court.  Subway and McDonald's, all the way around.
  Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) is up to his old shennanigans in Cars 2 - pretty decent sequel!
                                Tonio, Breanna, Autumn and Trinity are glued to the screen!  Brendon and Cody sat a little higher up and Kristie ended up near the top with Richie and some friends.  We were in the third row, but, boy, those reclining seats are nice!
                              Afterwards, Kristie took the little ones to the playground off of the food court.  I remember many times, I'd sneak out of Toys R Us down the street to meet Kimmy for lunch and we'd sit and watch our bambini racing around that little playground...Cody was such a dare devil, climbing up on the roadrunner they used to have and launching himself off of the highest point of its head!  Kim would try to stop him, but he was so quick.  It was always a nice way for us to spend some time together during the work week.
                           I took Trinity, Autumn and Tonio back to Justice, to purchase items that they had seen prior to the movie, while Brendon and Cody hit the hat shop.  The little ones all bought Webkins and couldn't wait to get home to link them online and meet up.
                          And so, we swaggered out into the blazing hair dryer of a parking lot and went off to meet  up with Andrea...and drop Brendon and Cody at the skate park.  They like to ride there and zoom up to McD's when they get hungry...suddenly, it was 8:00 and the kids were telling me they were hungry.  I had nothing.  I didn't want to take them this late to McD's, so, I called Viro's, to see what time they were closing.  They used to close at 8, and I was relieved when Vito Jr. told me they were now open until 9 on Friday's and Saturday's.
                          Rosa and Vito left for Wisconsin to visit relatives on Thursday and then are off to New York, so we had a chance to visit with Vito Jr., as he runs the bakery for them while they are out of town.  Autumn had....pasta!  Tonio - calamari.  And I decided to try Kimmy's all time favorite....linguini with clams.
                  Kim was crazy about this dish.  She'd get it every time we went to dinner at Viro's.  I'm not a big linguine guy, but, thought I'd get it tonight for Kim.  And found it to be delicious, especially with a Moretti Rossa.                       
                   We left full and satisfied and got home around 9:30.  The kids hooked up with Lexy, Breanna and Trinity on Webkins until 11:00...then, we went outside into the chilling night (it's down to 93 degrees!  That's a 13 degree swing!) to say goodnight to Mama...

                      Another good day....


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