We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Plumber

     Another cool thing that I did on Father's Day, was, fix the toilet in my bathroom.  I've told you a million times, Kim was the handy man in our household.  I am not handy.  When I noticed that the toilet would not stop running, first thing I thought of was the flapper.  I've actually changed one of those before, and was excited that this was something I could handle.  Sure enough, I swapped the old, tired, flapper out with a new one.  Hey, it was 7 years old. That's 49 in dog years.  What the extrapolation on toilet flappers?  I was happy with the length of service I had received from this particular flapper.  
     Later that day, I came to find that it was not a bad flapper.  Damn.  I had sent the old flapper to an early garbage can death.  What else could it be?
                Who KNOWS what this thing is called - 'the little floaty, arm thingy that floats up and stops the water piece', is the technical name I believe.  This is the old one.  We lived in our first home for 10 years and these things never went bad - so I was a little dissappointed with this piece.
                       I got myself laughing pretty hard, as I was jammed behind the toilet and the wall, right where that garbage can is, trying to get the plastic nut off the bottom of the piece pictured above, and had this mess on top of the toilet.  All I could think about was, Kimmy walking into the bathroom, seeing my disorganized attempt to fix this and telling me 'OK Dave, move over, let Kimmy take over', as she had done so many times in the years we lived together.

 Birds eye view!  New flapper!  New floaty thingy that controls the water!  I did not let this thing beat me!  I am better than the toilet!

And Bella agreed with me, coming in to check on my progress frequently and offering ecouraging advice and comments...hey, do you think Kimmy could have...??

And when I pulled up Kim's blog tonight, the new MixPod music player that I put on it began to play 'I need a Dr'...I hadn't realized it is the version from the Music Awards...And the voice of Skylar Grey froze me, sounding so much like Kimmy...

Other than that, it was a fantastic day today.  We got up early and walked Bella through the desert before the fires of hades had really kicked in.  It got up to 106 today, but did not feel a degree above 102.  I love to take the bambini and their friends to the movies on hot days like this.  Andrea dropped us Lexy and Breanna and we went to see Hoodwinked 2.  I don't believe it will win any awards, but the kids sure enjoyed it!!   And they came home with us for some pasta (Angie made Kimmy's vodka sauce and it came out great!!) and played until 9...it's cooled off to 95 degrees and I told the kids if they wanted to play outside, they might want to grab a jacket...

...I believe I will sleep tonight...



  1. Oh CRAP, the toilet??? (that's punny huh?) Glad you could not be defeated by the potty....I'm not sure I could say the same... :)

    I am giggling about needing a jacket at 95. True story, Tuesday after it cooled off to about 90 I walked out to put the pool cover back on (because heaven forbid it get below 80) and I said to Dan "wow, I almost need a jacket!" Hahahahaha!!! Darn desert rat!!!

    Dave - we leave for San Diego next Thurs. Between now and then - come swim and cool off. Any time. Today if you want! We try to swim in the morning - but usually hit it again in the afternoon :)

    Heck, drop the kids off if you want and go have a Starbucks :).

  2. This post really had me laughing... "49 in dog years..." classic!