We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
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Monday, September 12, 2011

C.C.D. Fantasy Draft

               Today, the little ones started CCD classes at Our Mother of Sorrows, or Religious Education classes, as they call it these days.  I had no idea where to go...the gate to the classrooms was locked down tight when we arrived, bleary eyed after a late night.  I saw Mario's friend, Rick, bleary eyed as well, approaching and I asked him 'Rick!  Where are we supposed to be?'...'You are asking the wrong guy!'  He told me (and we proceeded to talk about that days NFL match up between his and Mario's Rams and my Eagles)...we found everyone, and I mean everyone, in the church hall. 
               They had assembled all the kids from kindergarten through 6th grade and their parents into the hall.  It was standing room only.  The education director, Laura, who is awesome and has a lot of enthusiasm about what she does, read a random, somewhat disturbing bible quote to start our day...and then failed to give it any meaning that we could apply to our daily lives...I literally sat on the edge of my seat waiting for her to explain what she just said and why, but she never did...then, she said that each teacher, for each grade, would call roll and when the child's name was called, that child should proceed to the front of the hall...seriously.
              It had the feel of a draft.  We sat in a row with Andrea, Lupe, Manny and kids.  Manny felt it was like a draft, too.  Breanna was selected first.  We clapped politely.  Then Monsi.  Then Tonio. Class after class.  I congratulated Lexy when she was chosen.  Autumn was last.  "Autumn went in the 6th round" Manny joked.  Horrible.  After each class had completed it's 'draft', Laura yelled a hearty "Let's all say goodbye to Mrs. McKenzie's (or insert teacher's name here) 2nd grade class!" and the class paraded out of the hall.  When it was over, we sat there, not sure what to do next...But, I have to say, it was fun in a way and we had good company!  The church does do a fantastic job with the content of their classes - I feel the kids have learned a great deal since we transferred to OMOS last February!  The kids enjoyed being back in class, came out smiling as we gathered them up and prepared to head to Viro's (where they have hung a beautiful photo of Kim!!)...Rick mentioned that the Rams had taken a 7-0 lead over the Eagles...damn!

             Today, I also needed to get to work.  Janene 'volunteered' last month, to help out with the bambini today.  She took her boys Brendon and Bryson, Andrea's girls, Lexy and Breanna and Cody, Autumn and Tonio to Skate Country.  Then back to her house to swim.  Brad cooked out hamburgers and hotdogs for the kids.  She brought them back to my house around 9:00, where Andrea met her to get the girls and got the bambini showered up and in bed (with a little ibuprofen for Tonio who had a mishap at the skating rink and was running a slight fever)...When I made it home around 10:00, Tonio was sound asleep.  Autumn woke when I came in to say goodnight to me and then we went out to say goodnight to Mama and babbled on about what a great day they had!...Cody actually fell asleep shortly there after, exhausted from a fun day!  Janene took such good care of all...EIGHT of these kids today!!
                We are blessed!!


PS And I still cannot believe that Cody saw a coati and got that great picture of it yesterday!!!

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  1. I can imagine the fun you were having at the draft...seems a little ridiculous and a waste of time :) I'm sure they had good intentions?? At least the night ended at Viros...

    Jenene is a great friend! 8 kids is a lot... But I bet they all get along great :)

    Have a great week!