We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Friday, September 16, 2011

"What would we be without these three?"...

        April 21st 2004

                         "It's been awhile since we've jotted "news" down.

                          Where to begin...
                          Antonio is now 9 months old and has 2 bottom front teeth!  He eats anything you let him!!  Hi favorites so far...Italian Wedding soup, any type of pasta, gelato, pancakes, skittles, chocolate chip cookies and all the good stuff he shouldn't have until he turns 1!!  What can ya do with 2 older siblings 'helping' out!?!
                         Last week, he was still happy being a buddha.  This week, he's crawling EVERYWHERE!!  Yikes!  He pulls himself up to a standing position as well.  Now the fun begins.
                       He still remains easy going, happy Tonio though - in spite of all of Autumn's 'in your face' lovin'. 
                      What would we be without these 3..."

                      I ask myself that every day!!

                     I think of Kim a lot, of course, but especially on Friday's when I go to San Xavier.  And clean off her picture on Mary's altar.  And light candles there and in the main church.  And try to relate the scripture to my daily life.  And soak in the absolute beauty, peace and tranquility of the church and it's surroundings.  It is incredible.  I snapped a shot of the Mission school children filing in for this morning's Mass.

                   Every step up the hill next to the Mission hurts...but it is nothing compared to what He suffered for me.  And to feel sorry for myself, would be to lose.  One day I will run up this hill...but not today, not yet...


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  1. Even in her written words you can feel the love she has for the kids. So great that you have that to read.

    You guys started them early on the italian wedding soup :)

    this is my reminder to get a journal!