We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kimmy's Dinner Photos

       Thank you to Annette and Kirk Perrini and Ami Bunch for taking photos at Kim's dinner Saturday!!  It was such a fun night!!

       Here are some of the wonderful people who's hard work and enthusiasm made the evening a fun success!!!

The Perrini's!

                                           Three generations!  Patti, Casey (Aut's teacher) and Kay.  Patti and Kay traveled to Viro's to get us more supplies, while Casey spent the majority of the night serving, after helping to decorate!!

 Lupe and Angie selling raffle tickets, preselling Kim's cookbook and bracelets!!

Kirk, Dave Hopkins, yeh me and Manny conduct the raffle.

Andrea's family won three prizes!

But Alyssa Perrini walked away with the big prize...an autographed Derek Jeter ball!!

The Bunchkins had a blast!!  Hunter, Colton and Ethan are so cute and entertained us all.  They are so good!!

Brinley and Emilio Montes.  Brinley is such a good little baby, and beautiful!

Tammy and Sarah LaPlant helped everywhere from start to finish!

Dave and Denise Hopkins helped us close down the event.

Will and Olivia Rivas with the Castillo Family.

Micah had a ball! (sorry, couldn't resist.  He really did have fun on the jumping castles!)

Monique, Bella and Joe Longo - who sweated it out in the kitchen!

Manny, Lupe and Monsi Barrios - from set up to clean up and selling raffle tickets, wristbands and cookbooks!!

And, of course, my Southwest family!  Angie, Mario, Andrea, Breanna, Andy, Rashon, Kim, Maleah, Janene and Bryson - selling tickets, raffle tickets, wristbands, cookbooks, collecting donations, clean up and moral support!!

None of this could have happened with out the support of Desert Sky Middle School principal, Micah Mortensen, who graciously opened up his campus for us and was pivotal in planning the event!

Actually, Cindy Petersen, Office Manager at Desert Sky Middle School, really did the planning while Micah and I talked sports.  Cindy also orchestrated set up, decorations and clean up!!

Tonight, we went to Viro's to tally everything up with Vito...we walked away with a check for $1802.00 to go to Kimmy's Foundation!!!  John Gimmler attended the dinner to talk about where this money will go - towards helping build a new chapel at St. Joseph's Hospital.  Actually, it will be $6,802, thanks to Len Riggio's generous donation of $5K!!  I spent a lot of time in their make-shift chapel and can say that a new chapel is so needed/necessary for the mental well being of patients, visitors and workers.  A place to find peace...and hope...

Once again, I am completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of support.  Mentally, physically, emotionally - all of these people, and so many more that were not pictured (Cheryl Devitt, Melissa Grossheim to name a few!) worked hard to pull this off.  For Kim.  I feel like this keeps her spirit of giving, unselfishly, alive.  There are no words to express how important that is to me and how much all of your help means to me.  And the bambini.

Thank you!




  1. Hi Dave
    It looks like it was a wonderful event. Is there a way to still purchase Kim's cookbook? We would love to have one. I want to send you some photo's of Antony. He has regionals this weekend for High School Swimming.


  2. Yes Stephanie!! It comes out the first week of December - we just ran a pre-sell on it at the dinner. It will be $15.00 (I can drop it by your Mom's house to save the shipping!). Good luck to Antony!! Dave