We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Still Running

          In the absence of stairs, we find other ways to run...

At the southeast corner of our development, is a barbed wire fence.  Designed to keep the cattle in, and me out.  Someone was kind enough to stretch the barb wire.  A little.  I caution Bella to hold still as I pour her through the hole and quickly follow...
And then we run...

By now, I was running the stairs with vigor, several times a day, I don't know.  And despite how frightened I was, there are actually still some good memories of these times...

Here's a couple more of the emails I was sending out at this time:

"Another good day for Kim! If she were a hockey player, we would say she has scored a 'hat trick'! They removed Kim from oxygen this morning around 8 and she sat in a chair to eat breakfast and until about noon, when they moved her out of ICU and back into a regular room! Her pain medication was further reduced today and she went most of the day on Vicodin alone, getting a dose of morphine before I left around 9, to help her sleep. We took her first real walk since she was admitted to ICU last week, the length of the hospital hallway. She moved slowly, but was determined to make it the whole length and back - she did great! We then sat for about two hours together, at her window and watched the sun set over the Catalina mountains. Kim's Oncologist, Dr. Taetle and surgeon, Dr. Atikinson, feel Kim needs a couple of more days rest to allow her gall bladder to heal. They plan to administer her first dose of chemo before allowing her to come home. There is no real time table, as they wait and watch Kim's progress from the surgery. Her big 'luxury' today was being able to take a shower - they gave her 10 minutes and she took 20! She had an echo cardiogram, to make sure the blood clots in her lung had not affected her heart - the test results showed her heart is fine - another win for the day.
Even though Kim has been blessed with three straight great days, that brought us positive news about her recovery, we know that we will face a roller coaster of a ride, with good days and challenging days and it will be a lengthy ride. I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up with a daily update and will send what I can when I can. But your positive thoughts and prayers have obviously made a difference. Thank you. Leaving me to end Kimmy's update with another person that I find truly amazing, have read most of her books and is a Kim parallel:
"Yesterday is gone; tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today."
- Mother Teresa"

To the principal at Desert Sky, who kept a close eye on Cody for us, which was so comforting...

Hi Micah, I wanted to thank you for taking time to give me a call about Kim and her condition. I really appreciate it. I've meant to call you directly, but it seems when I get a chance, it is always 9 or later and I don't want to disturb your family. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers! Kim had a good day today - she received a 'clear' report on a brain MRI (the Dr told her the good news - her brain is still there!) and a 'clear' report on a bone scan today - these were HUGE wins for us and really buoyed Kim's spirits. She is such an amazing and strong person, which will be her edge in this long fight we face. It gives her strength when good people such as yourself, reach out with good thoughts and prayers. I'll try to keep you guys updated on Kim and her progress. Thanks again, Dave

And 10/27/10
> Yo B...I'm doing what I can, my man. Kim had another good day today...moving out of ICU, off oxygen and less pain killers! We walked the halls together, her first walk in a week. You guys are doing so much for us - there's no way I could do it with out you. Kim needs another day or two of recovery from gall bladder and then should receive her first chemo - then she can finally come home! She's incredible and staying positive.
> I've discovered a whole sub-culture in the hospital stairways. It seems that nurses, techs and Drs. traverse the hospital via stairways and corridors. I've had some great conversations with these folks and seem welcome in their fraternity. I've seen no other 'regular' people using the stairs. I like the exercise and the old stair wells have character and remind me of some great Dirty Harry movies and the like. I've got the kids hooked on them, too. They no longer want to ride the elevator. Today, Autumn challenged a nurse to a foot race up to the 4th floor. We lost, and the hardest part to swallow was not being beat by a nurse, but one wearing Crocs...hardly considered fine running wear.
> Anyways, Kim and I sat for about two hours at her window watching the sunset over the Catalinas...it was nice. Hoping for a day we can get her home and back to health.
> Thanks again for everything! Dave"

And the support kept rolling in...I had email from Mrs. Bryson, then Cottonwood's principal,  Mark Williams, Angie's husband, Apryl Schrantz, Tonio's 2nd grade teacher, Jenny Rienstra, Tonio's 3rd grade teacher and Autumn's 3rd grade teacher (who we got to go visit today and see her 2 mos old baby boy Nathan!!),  my sisters, Kim's Mom, etc, etc.  They were inspiring in a dark time.

  I try to help others who have been through similar situations and give them perspective.  And hope.  Today, one of the gentleman I've been helping, who lost his wife to cancer in 1983 (when Kim and I were graduating high school together), turned the tables on me and helped me! First, he told me that the toughest times are those that we find when we are alone (my drive to Barnes & Noble...I reach out to talk during these times. He's right, being alone is when the mind really goes down paths it need not.)  He talked about the tremendous faith his wife had (like Kim), and related stories that helped prove to him that she was in Heaven...it was amazing.  I thought it was even neater, since, over the months, I've been the one listening and trying to give him inspirations, and when I least expected it, he took over and inspired me!

   There are many of you out there who have done the same for me and the bambini.  Thank you!


Is the desert as therapeutic and soothing as the stairs, I've been asked?  Yes.  No.  Sometimes.  It's different.  The desert is certainly more beautiful to the eye.  We always see something...sometimes it is simply a roadrunner.  Other times, a coyote or javelina.  One time, we got trapped by the herd of cattle that roam this piece of land and had to do some serious end around maneuvers!!  Bella and I enjoy this time to run off our energy...it is peaceful...We do not know if we are coming or going...

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