We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

For this, I am thankful....

       Today, I thought I had a rough day...because I missed my wife, Kimmy...and I had lost my best friend,  thereabouts...

       ...then I thought - 'how many people died in the middle east today?, and how horribly?'.
       ...then I thought, 'I saw an accident, yesterday, where a school bus hit a motorcycle.'

       ...then I thought, 'how about those people in the tornado belt, who got whacked?'.

       ...who am I to feel down? 

      And, Kimmy's face came to my mind, smiling - the memories flooding back...

       And after I picked up Cody from track, I drove to pick up Tonio and Autumn at Lupe and Manny's home, where their daughter Monsi played with them, making them feel loved...and they invited us into their home and fed us dinner (a wonderful, home made enchilada dinner!)...and made us feel like we mattered...and we watched old SNL's, starring John Belushi...whom I had idolized...and Kimmy saved me from being...

          What a talent he was...
          Now, especially now, I am more thankful than ever for the family Kimmy built, and for the bambini, that she made me feel we needed to have and who lift me up daily, and who I make sure stay up, because when the hope is gone, the weight falls on me.  And for the home that Kimmy made for us...and for the friendships that keep us going...and I can pick my head back up and smile back at Kim, thanking her - and knowing, that, although things cannot be the way that I want them to be, I am very blessed to be where I am and have what I have and feel humbled by it all...




PS  Many congratulations to Jenny and Nick Rienstra, who found out yesterday that they are having a little boy!!  I know, Jenny, you had your heart set on a little girl, but, once you set eyes on that little man and hold him, he will be 'mama's boy'!  And now, the Rienstra name will continue (remember, my cousins Chris and Vince had all girls, leaving me the Conca name savior and lone gunslinger!).  And you guys are young, plenty of time to have a little princess down the road and she will have a big brother to watch out for her and protect her!  We're happy for you guys!


  1. You know Dave, you DO have every right to miss Kim and be sad, even if there are worse things happening in the world. Because Kim was YOUR world. So you go right on ahead and miss her -guilt free. :)

  2. Thanks Ami, Kimmy's hard not to miss...Dave

  3. I attempted to find something witty and profound to say and came up short, LOL!

    Frankly, I agree with Ami. No one in this world will fault you for missing someone you love.


  4. Thanks Stacy...I try to keep things in perspective, but sometimes struggle. Dave