We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

May's Events

       Kim's philosophy on life was to give everyone a chance, and a second chance..to help those who needed help...and when she said she would do something, she did it.  Pretty simple, and so beautiful.
       During the Lenten season, she liked to make sack lunches for the homeless (I've kept this tradtion up), she had trouble saying no to anyone who asked for her help - even when we were overextended, she found a way to contribute at a high level.  If she knew she couldn't give 100%, she'd reluctantly say no, but, when she said she'd help, no matter how big - like hand drawing art work for a school function, helping with blood drives at church, taking care of or teaching your kids, planning and managing craft fairs, carnivals, pancake breakfasts...or how small, like saying she'd help you decorate your living room - she'd always follow through - and you'd be amazed!!

          This is the philosophy for Kimmy's Foundation - set up through Carondelet, so that 100% of every dollar, can go to help families, like ours.  The foundation is currently looking into purchasing some much needed equipment for the 5th floor of St. Joseph's hospital, where our good friend, Kim is an RN.  Extra money we bring in, will be used in an 'emergency fund' to assist families with sick loved ones that are struggling to make mortgage payments...or buy groceries...like our family was when Kimmy was sick - and we had soooo many of you reach out to help us - this fund is for those that are not blessed to have had the support we did when Kim was so sick.

         This month, there are three major events to fund Kimmy's Foundation:
     1) The Relay for Life -5/13 4 P.M to 5/14 7 A.M. at Empire High School, although contributions through the link on Kimmy's blog go to the American Cancer Society, t-shirt and wrist band sales will go to Kimmy's Foundation!  And check out the t-shirt design that Rincon Vista came up with (link on right of blog) - Kimpossible!  I know Cottonwood is walking in Kim's name, too, but have not seen t-shirt designs yet.

    2) Kimmy's-Cut-a-Thon - 5/15 at Unique Identity Salon on Broadway, next to the new Peter Piper Pizza across from the Park Mall - 12-4 p.m.  Janene, who often indentified herself as my sister while Kim was sick to arrange for Father Harry or Monsignor Tom to visit, or to get into ICU to deliver us food and drinks, etc., came up with this fabulous idea.  She is generously opening up her salon on a Sunday - along with all her stylists, to cut hair - and will donate EVERY dollar taken in to Kimmy's Foundation.  I still can't get my head around this - she is so unselfish and caring and hard working to have thought of this and is paying for the advertising and fliers.  And she partnered with her neighbors, Arizona Pizza and the Shishkabob house to have them donate and to offer meal specials during the event (I've eaten at both, many times, while the store manager of Linens "N Things, which used to be where Peter Piper is, and they are excellent!).  Then, she got Alisha Peru involved to perform her music, during the event.  Alisha has gone through the Vail School District schools and is a wonderful musician! 
        My neighbor, Brian Deevers, is a graphic designer.  He is extremely talented and extremely busy - yet, he found time to create the advertising for this event (flier above, thanks Ami for getting that posted for me!)...free of charge, out of the kindness of his heart and a love for Kimmy. 
        I can't thank these two enough.

   3) Knights of Columbus raffle, May 21st (our wedding anniversary!).  The Knights generously have decided to donate 50% of raffle proceeds to Kimmy's Foundation!  The info is on the right, top side of Kimmy's blog - there is still time to buy tickets!!  Only tickets sold through St. Pius Church will help Kimmy's Foundation (I still have a lot on me, if you still need to buy some!).  Rincon Vista, Desert Sky and Cottonwood have all helped me sell tickets!  Thank you Knights of Columbus!!

        Throught these three events, Kim's Foundation will be able to make a difference for our families here in Tucson.  Thank you everyone who is helping out with these events!!

        I talk to so many of you, about how, we have an angel, in Kim, watching over us...here are some things that happened today, that proves it:

      Our friend Kim (Angie's youngest daughter, RN on 5th floor of St. Joe's) underwent successful surgery today, while 4 months pregnant!!  I was relieved when Angie and Andrea called me, to let me know it went well and later texted Kim a picture of the peach colored clouds, as the sunset and she told me she was able to go home, to be with her family and felt good.  Kim's having a girl!
      Autumn's teacher, Casey Rudzena, formally announced she is pregnant and had a dr appt confirming that baby and mom are healthy!!  I've lost count, but think that makes 6 pregnant teachers at Cottonwood...I know Kimmy always said that for every death, there is a new life, but this is getting crazy!  We are so happy for Casey and her husband, Jack!!
       My District Manager, Tom, visited my Barnes & Noble today.  He expressed concern with the blog, which his wife reads regularly (thanks Kathy!) - and feels he is owed 'royalties'...we are working on an agreement.  Tom is a great guy, who has bent over backwards (hey Tom, that's why your back was so sore today!) to make sure I can take care of the bambini and continue as store manager with Barnes & Noble.  We are the same age, and Tom has two girls, one Cody's age and one Autumn's age - making him the only district manager, in my 23 year retail career, that is happily married AND loves his family - a blessing for my family, as he has been so flexible with our needs.  We had a fun visit, Tom buying me the new pizza we just got in at our Barnes & Noble Cafe (so moms:  here's a great lunch item for your bambini to enjoy while perusing books!).  I drank two Cafe Americanos and two venti iced teas, to Tom's one coffee (no Rock Stars for us today!) - Tom showed amazing caffeine restraint today!  He is a shining role model...I guess I fall more into the mold ofl Charles Barkley....and Tom got to chat with our Patron Saint of the Book Store, Lola, who had stopped by with treats for the bambini's Easter baskets, knowing that I was not on top of that...she had glowing things to say about our team...
           Autumn and Tonio finished this round of swim lessons!  They will graduate to the 'Dolphin' level and start round 2 on Monday...How much pool water can one bambino swallow before it is toxic?  I'm telling you, Tonio took on a lot today!
          And we still had time to read when we got home.  Autumn and I are on book 3 of the Percy Jackson series and I read some stories from 'The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories' by Tim Burton.  Yes, that Tim Burton!  The bambini love his movies, like Alice in Wonderland, Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Nightmare Before Christmas, among others (and they are big Johnny Depp fans, too, who always seems to be a part of Tim Burton's movies).  Our favorite short story we read tonight, was, 'The Boy with Nails in his Eyes'.  Wholesome stuff.

           Here's the picture of the angel in the evening sky that I texted to Kim:
                      Oops, no, not this one...this is a little left over John Belushi, portraying the God Father, on SNL, from Lupe and Manny's home last night, that I was texting to Jaimelyn...
Ahhh, here's the shot of the sun, shading the clouds to a fine peach...an angel in there?  I feel that Kim is winking at us through this beauty...and we're working hard to keep her memory and her spirit alive...



  1. Awesome Dave. I love what the Kimmy Foundation is doing. She is truly looking over everyone!

  2. Thanks Dan, I can't think of any other way to have Kimmy keep on giving and helping people! Dave