We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday, Sunday

      You know, Sunday's are pretty nice for us...church in the morning while the little ones are in their CCD class - Palm Sunday today, we got our palms - Kim used to always turn them into little woven crosses during Mass - Cody and I tried our best, but could not pull it off, as they kept springing open on us.  We took up most of a pew, again, with Manny, Lupe, Cody, me, Angie and Andrea, in that order...What else could have Pontius Pilate have done?  I wondered as the priest read the gospel...his wife tried to tell him to wash his hands of Jesus...and he did ask the crowd to let him go, and was smart enough to know that the Jews were just envious of Jesus...was he absolved?  I wonder...And it is the beginning of Holy Week.  I've tried, for Kim's sake, to make a difference this Lent...this is the week, where I need to dig deep and do more...I know I can...pray for me...
       Then, all of us went over to Viro's, where they had a nice big table for all of us reserved.  Between Breanna (3), Autumn (2), Lexy (1), Cody (2), Tonio (1), Monsi (1), they devoured 10 bowls of Italian Wedding soup, 8 omelets (Niki and Vito Jr continue to make great omelets!  V came up with a new one - he makes sunny side ups and pours omelet mix on the other side of the pan.  When he folds them over, the sunny side ups are inside the omelet!  Brilliant!!).  We all enjoyed some great cappuccino's (except Andrea, who gave up coffee for Lent!  One more week!!) and we lingered for about an hour and a half, visiting with Rosa, Vito, Vito's Mom and Dad, etc, etc. 

Vito presented me with the newest, Viro's t-shirt, designed by Vito Jr.!

         These breakfasts are incredible, but, what makes it really special is the company and Vito's team - it's like being at home for a big family feast!   And again, gets our day started so nicely.
         We took Lexy with us, swung by Target for snacks for the kids classes - they start the AIMS tests this week!  Then, these guys played Wii, Rock Band, which was pretty cool, Cody on drums, Lexy and Autumn on guitar and Tonio singing.  We did a little yard work and then the girls accompanied me to the NE side of town to pick up my Buyer's earnest money check.  Afterwards, we got the kids Eeegee's and then Andrea picked up Lexy and Autumn to go to a family function.
          Oh, and here's some of the Hearts and Flowers plants - these make some great ground cover, and when in pots, will grow down over the edges.
 Big pot on back porch.
 Andrea told me this is great ground cover, we added it to our garden.
 One of two big pots in front yard...
Mexican Heather in foreground (is that a word?), little purple flower in little blue pot and St. Francis overseeing the growth, beneath the olive tree...

Here's some of the jersey's that Kimmy has gotten me over the years...I thought I'd start with hockey, since it is playoff time.  She originally bought me an Eric Lindros jersey, the day the Flyers signed him after a trade with the Quebec Noriques, now the Colorado Avalanche.  They 'won' the rights to sign him away from the N.Y. Rangers, who thought they had the rights to sign him.  In the end, the Rangers 'won', as they at least won a Stanley Cup in 1994.  The Flyers won 0 cups with Lindros.

               Rod Brind'Amour might be one of my all time favorite Flyers.  Kimmy got me this jersey, back in the early '90's, when Brind'Amour was a line captain.  He later went on to become team captain, and then was traded to the Carolina Hurricanes, where he won a Stanley Cup and just retired.
                                  Kimmy bought me this one, last time we were in Pa, nearly 11 years ago.  Gagne was a rookie phenom, first round draft pick.  The Flyers traded him to Tampa Bay this offseason, where he is kicking butt!
                  Kimmy bought me this one, when Jeremy Roenick was traded from our Phoenix Coyotes to the Flyers.  I'm not sure where she got it, some of my jerseys are mysteries...
And, she bought me this Phoenix Coyotes jersey years ago...I bought her a ladies fit, matching jersey...she looked so cute in it.  We'd wear them up to see Coyotes games, when they weren't playing the Flyers, of course.

My new favorite...
Kimmy felt hockey was the most important sport.  To the naysayers, she would ask 'have you ever ice skated?' There are a surprising amount of grown adults that have never ice skated!  Where did they grow up?  In the desert?  And, following what ever answer they might provide, she would add 'you try to ice skate and handle a small, round, bouncing piece of rubber (commonly known as a 'puck'), while everyone is trying to knock you off of your skates and steal the puck'...now that is an athlete!  Kimmy knew her stuff!

           A night cap:   Tom invested in some new fangled drink - Sourthern Comfort Lime...?  I dunno.  Anyways, we sat in the driveway, entertaining the neighborhood, and watching the kids.  Tonight, we had a guest appearance, Dave Hopkins, of the Department of Safety, who lives across the park from us. We took a moment to interview Dave.  Tom: "Hi Dave, how is the police business?"  Dave: "Well, there is no shortage of stupid people our there!"  Fantastic.  Dave kept us on the edge of our seats with tales from the road. I wish I could print some here, but, you would not believe them, and we have to protect the 'innocent'.  His son, Joshua and Tonio played with Legos in the driveway and pointed out each of our digressions into the profane.  Smart kids.
          The moon shone brilliantly onto the driveway, as I sent the lads home and Andrea dropped off Auutmn, sans carne asada.  They had a great time at the party and brought cake!

           Another successful weekend...
           By the end of this week, I will have a 14 year old living under my roof!
           Thanks to everyone for their loving, caring support - keeping us all afloat, entertained and smiling...


  1. Great jerseys Dave - Kim sure knew how to pick the great ones - jerseys and husbands!

  2. Thanks Dan! I do love jerseys! Let's go Flyers!! Dave