We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Friday, April 22, 2011

Rocco Deluca??

             Who is Rocco Deluca???  I didn't know. Kim loved to teach me. And,  Kimmy was a genius at discovering 'new' talent.  I don't know how she did it.  Kim's music passion had a Motown and blues foundation (she loved the Blues Brother's soundtrack!) - I decided to put some Rocco on her blog, as background music and chose 'Mystic', as much for the lyrics, as the tune itself.
              When Kim became hooked on Rocco Deluca's music, I couldn't find the CD anywhere.  I hunted and hunted.  Meanwhile, Kim began to fill my head with facts:  Deluca was discovered by actor Keiffer Sutherland.  Sutherland was so impressed, he bank rolled Deluca's first CD and tour.  They also made a documentary, which I was able to find and we watched, about the band's tour.  It was crazy.
             It is no surprise that Kimmy like this soulful, talented artist - his music just eminates Kim...I'll try to feature more of her 'finds' as I go...

             I played a little for Autumn, early this morning, as we drove to church at San Xavier Mission...She was surprised to see me up early, in time to get ready. Having been there, at the fair last night, until after 9, she heard Janene and I discussing whether to allow Brendon and Cody to stay until midnight - I told her I would come back at midnight, pick them up and drop Brendon off at her house...she began to say that was too late, and then, stopped herself, saying 'oh, that's right, you don't sleep anyway...'.  And Autumn, remembering that this morning, said 'Dad, Janene's right, you don't sleep, do you?'...Ahhhh, not enough time to sleep - and, anyway, I accumulated nearly 5 hours last night - and was looking forward to going to the Mission with Autumn.
              Oh, wait, let me back up just a little...as I told you, Janene and I left the fair around 9ish...knowing I was going to go back and get Brendon and Cody...and, I've had an enormous amount of 'stress' trying to live up to the holiday traditions that Kimmy had instilled - so, I thought I'd try to make her coconut eggs (she used to make peanut butter, too, but I always found that the coconut eggs were gone the same day and the peanut butter eggs would last two weeks, sooooo we only made coconut ones!).
                          Tonio rolls the coconut egg mixutre and puts them on trays to be frozen.
 Dipping the eggs in chocolate!

           Wow.  That was like a flashback or something...anyway, Aut and I made it to San Xavier...
             Today, Good Friday, we all carry our own crosses...we lit candles for Kimmy in church and proceeded to Mary's Chapel, where I dusted Kimmy's picture - today it was not dusty...at all, and lit candles.  Then, we made our way up the little mountain - when I make this walk alone, I am typically openly sobbing - today, I bit my lip...glancing sideways at Autumn to see if she noticed the tears, behind the Oakley's Kimmy had bought me, several birthdays ago...she did not.  But, at Mary's grotto, I couldn't take it anymore - 'Autumn.  How do you do it?  How do you stay so up?  So positive?'...'Mama told me something.', she calmly replied.  'What?  Autumn, I still cry.  I so miss your Mama.', I implored.  'She told me, that I will always be her daughter'...!    For Kimmy, to have that foresight...that compassion, to be able to - just like that, erase the doubts and fears, the sorrows and heartaches - with that promise.  And it is enough.  For Autumn.  She is so her Mama!
              And, at that moment, I was so glad she was with me - for, just as my legs promised to fail me, all of my grief was gone.  This little girl, smiling up at me, filled me with such love...and hope.  Now I have two high bars to live up to...
            And so, as if answer, we drove to Lowe's, up the street from the Mission, and bought more flowers, which we planted upon arriving home...

            Speaking of flowers...these two cacti were in full bloom, just outside the doors to the church...

           After our planting, Mario dropped Lexy and Breanna to us and we headed out for some lunch and a movie...'Rio'...in 3-D...the kids loved it!!  I told them for the zillionth time, how, when Kim and I were little, they did not show commercials before a movie...just a nice cartoon and then, the movie!  They all nodded in the right places, except Autumn, who sagely informed me that I tell them that story every time we go to see a movie.
         I need to upgrade my phone, as, this photo of Breanna and Tonio came out a bit dark...they are so cute together...afterwards, I took them to Justice, so the girls could shop and Cody snuck off to the Vans shop!  Andrea met up with us at the mall and we headed home...

           Oh, I almost forgot Kimmy's recipe for those coconut eggs...
  2 1/2 cups of confectioner's sugar
  3 Tbls of softened margarine
  3 oz. of cream cheese
  12 oz of flaked coconut
  - mix all of this up with your mixer.  Roll egg shaped balls.  Place on a cookie tray and freeze 'em!

  -1 1/2 cups of semisweet chocolate chips (use dark chocolate ones!  That's our favorite!!)
  -2 1/2 tsps shortening.

     Melt these two ingredients and dip frozen eggs in the chocolate.  Place on a wax paper covered cookie tray and freeze again.  Enjoy!!

       Lot of ups today, thanks to our friends...and Autumn marveled over the pretty clouds obscuring the stars tonight as we said our good nights...



  1. Hi Dave and family, Thank you for posting Kim's yummy coconut egg recipe. The kids and I are going to make them today! We wish you a Happy Easter and you're always in our prayers.

  2. Hi Rose! Hope the eggs turn out good and that you and your family have a blessed Easter! Dave