We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Monday, November 14, 2011

Gnocchi...and the 'nice pot'

             Tonight, I entered the closet.  I did not want to.  It still, well, speaks to me.  I feel it telling me Kim is ready to start her day and here are her shoes!  And her slacks!  And her pretty dresses!  Getting cold?  Sweaters!  Blouses, hats, bathrobes, etc, etc, etc.
             But, as it gets chilly, I think of the less fortunate, recall my blessings, and know that Kim would want to help those that need her things...
             Andrea and Janene's sons, David and Brendon, are working towards their Confirmation at Our Mother of Sorrows.  They do a tremendous amount of community service and are energetic and enthusiastic about it.  It is truly heart warming.  They are collecting for a woman's shelter, here in town, called Casa Maria.  This is the same shelter that Autumn and Antonio helped make sandwiches for early this year - Kim and I had helped with this project each year for the last several at Cottonwood.  It is a great cause.
             And yet, here on earth, we become attached.  To our 'things'.  It was like walking into a long tunnel, as I filled one, then two, then three, than four boxes of Kim's pants and tops.  Each one had a story for me.  Each one a special memory.  Thankfully, Autumn has gone through Kim's things several times and we have about 3/4 of my dresser full of clothes for her.  Plus, there are many shirts she wears as night gowns!  And, so far, we have had Angie, Andrea, Janene, Kim, Amy, Betsey and Mary, choose some of Kim's things.  It is hard to express how much that means to me, to have them have some of Kimmy's clothes.  It brings comfort.  And I feel honored that they have them and that they mean something to them.
            Inside the 'tunnel', I felt a myopic effect and I hurried to complete the task...again, having that feeling from Mark Danielewski's book "House of Leaves", about the sentient house...I still have a lot of work to do, but not yet.  Not yet.

             I received the rough draft of Kimmy's Kitchen today!  93 pages, so far.  I dove into the proofing and editing phase of this adventure and made it through the entire book!  I realized that A.  I had forgotten a recipe for gnocchi, and B. I needed to tell the story of the 'nice pot', complete with photos.  Still hoping to have the completed cookbook by the first week of December!!

             Missed the Viro's brunch-a-thon photo from yesterday morning:

              Andrea was busy getting Italian Wedding soup from the buffet...

             As for this time last year, it appears that I did not send out an update on Kimba...but had a lot of 'thank you's' to send out...

"Hi Suzanne,

I wanted to say thank you for all of the wonderful food you sent to our family!! The casserole was well loved by all and we had plenty for the next day, too!! That was very thoughtful and generous of you. Kim is doing better today, and if some tests she has tomorrow go well, she may get to come home. It's been nearly one month and we are ready to have her back.

Thanks again for helping our family during this challenging time in our lives.

"Hi Monica,
I wanted to thank you for the delicious meatballs you sent home for us! We ate one tray and have the other two frozen for later. They were so good - that was so nice of you to cook for us again, we really appreciate it! Kim had a good day today, and, if all goes well on a couple of tests she will have done tomorrow, she may get to come home!! We sure miss her. She is so strong, and has gone through so much over the last month - she is amazing! Generous people like you have really given her inspiration to fight! Thank you again, Dave"
"Hi Suzanne,
Thank you for the card you sent our family and for setting up the Mass for my wife, Kim. That was very thoughtful of you! Kim had a good day today, and, if she does well on some tests tomorrow, may be able to come home. She has been at St. Joseph's for nearly one month and we sure miss her. If she is doing well enough, I will try to attend the Mass on Sunday.
As Kim was in the hospital, I was unable to clearly follow the election results...did you get a seat on the school board? Fortunately, Kim and I both mailed in our ballots, prior to Kim being hospitalized (two votes for you!).
Thanks again,

"Hi Dave
You are very welcome, although it was not much! I wish we could do more to help you guys, but know that Kim and your family is always in our thoughts! I appreciate the updates you send and am glad to hear that she caught a few breaks today, receiving some good news! I know she is anxious to get home, so I hope it works out! We are only a few streets away, so Please do not hesitate to call if you need anything!! (Even if it is just a good street hockey game to take your mind off things:) I know a few hockey guys I will send over! take care and I hope to see you soon!

 Tara, Doug and boys,
Thank you so much for the beautiful card and the Bruegger's

Once again, the teachers at Cottonwood, where our pillar of strength!
"Hi Apryl, Casey and Patti - Would Wednesday work for Casey and Patti for a
homework session? If so, could you bring them by our home Patti,
afterwards? That has worked out so well for us AND especially for Tonio and
Autumn, to be able to keep up with their homework.
Apryl, thanks for your help with the Christmas project - whatever fabric
you choose will be great!
And if I cannot make Stone Soup day, and it works for you Casey, I know
Tonio would love to see his big sister there - if all goes well with Kim's
tests tomorrow, though, I should be able to make it.
Thanks for everything you guys have been doing for us!


> Dave,
> I just read your email and it sounds like today's news was an answer to
> your prayers-I'm glad that Kim had a good day and I will say extra prayers
> tonight that her lungs do cooperate so she can come home.
> Wednesday seems to be a good day to keep the kiddos after school-does this
> work for you? I have so enjoyed spending extra time with Antonio. He is an
> incredible little boy. He is truly such a loving, caring boy and
> definitely such a trooper. I'm so proud of how he has handled this whole
> situation.
> In regards to the "surprise project" that offer absolutely still stands-I
> would love to help out! Do you think Kim (and you!) would like Christmas
> themed fabric for this special present?
> One last thing and then I promise I'm done! For our Stone Soup day, if
> you can make it great. If not that's okay too-I was thinking that if you
> can't make it maybe I can ask Mrs. Rudzena if Autumn can come over and
> join Antonio for our special lunch. Just an option! I am also going to
> send home some Stone Soup and the book with Antonio so he can share it
> with Kim.
> Let me know if you need anything else this week. Kristine Impellizzeri and
> I are working on a special project for Kim this week! Can't wait to give
> it to her. It's just to remind her that she is so loved and supported! :)
> Have a good night,
> Apryl"
And our neighbors, too...
 "No Amy, I have not slept so well lately...luckily, thanks to all you have
done for us, I have had more time to research. Speaking of which, thanks
for packing the kids lunches!! Dave

> Dang Dave! Have you slept at all? Or are you researching constantly? I
> am glad that they will refer you to mayo if and when the time comes. I
> hope she comes home tomorrow! Goodnight and get some sleep!>
>> Thanks Amy, Kim has had several treatments of lasix (spelling?), which
>> is designed to remove fluid from around the lungs and the heart. Believe
>> me, I've looked into Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and really felt
>> they may be the best place for Kim. Then, I talked to Kim's surgeon
>> about alternatives (he feels Mayo Clinic has the advantage over CTCofA,
>> simply because they have a better pulmonary team).
>> Kim is sold on her oncologist, Dr. Taetle. If you google him, I'm
>> sure you will feel the same. He has had an excellent education, has
>> several patents for cancer treatment and is world renowned. Dr. Taetle
>> and Dr. Atkinson have assured me, that if they become 'baffled', they
>> will recommend Mayo. UMC is not an option. Although they have an
>> excellent cancer treatment facility, they would not measure up to Dr.
>> Taetle and their expertise is not in adenocarcinoma.
>> Don't feel like you are overstepping your bounds by wanting the best
>> for Kim! We value all you do and you are a very smart person, so we
>> value your input. I've done a lot of internet research, in fact, the
>> advice I most often get from survivors and Dr's, is to stay off of the
>> internet!
>> The x-rays and tests show that the nature of Kim's tumor is
>> deteriorating the artery that is feeding it. Additionally, the tumor is
>> cavatized, and the hollow interior has enlarged blood vessels that will
>> naturally weep. Factor in the blood thinners that are preventing life
>> threatening clots, and you have a delicate balancing act!
>> Kim had a better day today and hopefully gets a great nights rest and
>> has an even better day tomorrow!
>> Thanks again Amy, we appreciate you, your family and all that you
>> have done for us!!!
>> Dave
>>> Hey Dave,
>>> I am sure you have been doing your research. But I was reading about
>>> these alternate forms of treatment on Cancer Treatment Centers of
>>> America's website. Also, in the section about lung cancer it talks
>>> about treatment for fluid around the lungs (pleural effusion). Maybe
>>> this is also causing Kim's shortness of breath, etc... Have any of
>>> Kim's doctors mentioned this? I hope I am not over-stepping by asking
>>> or mentioning this. I just want Kimmy to get the best and get better.
>>> Amy"

     And, of course, Rose and Vito...

"Hi guys, Hope Rosa is feeling better! Kim had a better day today, and your cookies really cheered her up! We all enjoyed them today and managed to save some for tomorrow, despite eating way too many!! Again, providing us breakfast was so generous of you guys!! Kim's folks really enjoyed it - they had been asking if we could go there, they remember meeting you both last time they were here, which was 3 or 4 years ago. I bought a jar of the Baresi lupini beans you are carrying now for the kids. They are really good and I think the bean is a little larger than the Pastene brand!

Anyway, thanks again for all that you guys do, Dave"
You know I could go on and on with the thank you's...I often said "I'll never be able to repay you..."
The cool night air smelled so fresh as we spilled out onto the back patio, Cody lighting his Mother of Guadalupe candle as he left the brick to cross the grass to the Nitcho...deftly handing the lighter to Tonio, who expertly sparked his candle and gracefully hopped up the garden wall to place his St. Jude candle into the Nitcho (yes, Andrea and Janene, two months of use and the candle you got us for the Nitcho are going strong!)...the nightly ritual...the bambini do not go down easily without saying goodnight to their Mama...


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  1. I can't wait to wear Kim's coats and feel even closer to her! And how exciting to get the draft of the cookbook...a lot of people will eat well after that book is finished!

    Looking forward to Viro's tomorrow night!