We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pancake Breakfast

Last year, this time, the 2nd annual pancake breakfast and classic car show was about to take place.  Kim had done a neat job the first year - it was a fun event for Rincon Vista and the community.  She was in the planning stages last year, when she got sick.  And, being Kim, she was so worried about someone else having to do her work.  She had me make phone calls to all involved on what she had done and what she still needed to do.  She had a meticulous notebook that she had me drop off at the school.  And still...she worried and so wanted to finish what she started.

"Hi Dave!

Tell Kim that all the artwork and posters were inspired by her! We took everything she had done and put it in a few different formats, but the genesis is all hers. We have our fingers crossed that the whole Conca family will be able to come share in what would be a very special morning indeed.


PS: Look at this photo from last year!"

And there we were.  It was so much fun!  So, mark your calendar, because the 3rd Annual Kim Conca Car Show and Pancake Breakfast will be on Saturday, Dec 3rd, from 8a.m. to 12p.m. at Rincon Vista Middle School just east of Houghton on Bilby Rd!!!

And good folks from Rincon were keeping our hopes alive and our spirits up with emails like this one:

"Dearest Kim and David,
You're in our thoughts and prayers and am praying as fervently as I can for both of you. I specially thank Our Lord Jesus Christ for you David. You're an extraordinary and remarkable husband, father, and provider!! I'm always praying for you so that Our Lord Jesus Christ continues to give you the strength, persistence and patience to take one one hour at a time. I will forever be grateful for allowing us to be part of your new and challenging journey and kindly letting us know how our beloved and amazing Kim is doing.
Cast all your burdens to the Lord, and He will sustain you...always
Psalm 55:22

May Our Lord continue to give you peace and fill your hearts with His Divine Love and Hope,
         And from wonderful Cottonwood teachers...
"Hi Sarah, Thanks so much that you and the rest of our Cottonwood family
have been doing during this challenging time for our family. We so
appreciate you all! Sunday would be great - we should be around all day, so
just give us a call -  and let us know when is
good for you.
Thank you for the prayers, too - they are helping Kim get stronger every
It seems like a weird year for the NFC East - I thought the Eagles would
be at the bottom with the 'Boys and Giants fighting for the top. I'd
actually like to see McNabb do better in Washington, as I'm still pretty
upset the Eagles let him go.
Talk to you soon, Dave


> Hello wonderful Concas!
> I know that you are totally overwhelmed with stuff right now but I was
> planning on bringing you some dinner on Sunday. Is there a good time I
> can swing by? Just let me know. Our thoughts and prayers are with you
> constantly. Henry and I say our prayers together every night and you are
> all a big part of every prayer!
> Enjoy your weekend! Sarah Stoner
> P.S. Dave, can you BELIEVE the year the Cowboys have been having?!? "

  And from Barnes & Noble managers...

"Hi Andy,

Kim received the book you sent her today. Thanks so much for thinking of her. She had seen a special with Jane Seymour, talking about the events that led to her writing her book. It meant a lot to her that you took time to have Jane personalize it for her. Gave her a good smile, which we both needed! Kim's improving daily, but it's 'baby steps'. I've never been terribly patient, so it has been difficult for me. She's still on oxygen and can't walk by herself and her heart rate is accelerated. Kim has a PT Scan scheduled for Tuesday a.m., that's designed to let the Dr. know exactly where else the cancer has infected, besides her lung and liver. We're hoping for some good news.

Thanks again Andy, I appreciate your thoughts, prayers and the book, which is very positive! Dave"
        Andy, who runs a store near Scottsdale, AZ had sent Jane Seymour's newest book 'Angels' and had her personalize a copy for Kim...she LOVED it!!
        More Cottonwood teachers...
"Jen, Mary, Jill, Denise, Yvonne, Allison, Diana, Casey, Chrissy, Deborah, Apryl, Patti and Kristine,Ami,
Thank you so much for the charm bracelet that you all lovingly put together for Kim, to help bring her smiles and sunshine during this particularly dark time in her life. You are all angels. She loves the bracelet and she is going to enjoy each charm every day. That was so thoughtful of you all.
We have been so blessed by the love and support our Cottonwood family has provided our family! Especially for Autumn and Antonio, who really needed your help during the time Kim was hospitalized and I truly feel that they are just fine, thanks to all of you!
While words can never express how thankful we are, please know how much you mean to all of us.
Thanks again,
And Volunteer Coordinator at Cottonwood...
"Hi Melissa,
                Speaking of pancake breakfasts, we had one here this morning.  Really.  Janene's son, Brendon had slept over and Andrea and Breanna came over.  I made pancakes (of course), bacon, eggs and hash browns.  Cody and Brendon finished first and went to load up the Expedition, popping open the garage door to find...a rattle snake!!
                Well, I am no snake wrangler...and have deferred to the fearsome snake hunter, my neighbor Brian the last time one was on our porch, hiding behind St. Francis...so, I sent Brendon and Cody down to get him, while I used a shovel to slide it out of the front of our garage. 
                The snake did not take kindly to this.  It reared up, ready to strike.  Meanwhile, Betsey came down the walk and told us that Brian was not home.  However, snake hunting runs deep in their family and Betsey took a shovel, pinned the snake down and I lopped off its head.  It was not pretty.
                I'd love to show you a photo, but I recently smashed my phone.  It fell off of the kitchen counter top, falling straight down and landing totally flat on its face...smashing it. And the photo of the snake is trapped inside...

The snake banished, we went to the Foothills Mall, where they dumped several tons of snow in the parking lot.  We met up with Lupe, Manny and Monsi and Kim, Rahson, Mariah, Micah and Maleah.  The bambini had a blast hurling snow balls for several hours!!  Their cotton gloves quickly becoming wet and useless, but this did not slow them down at all!!
I took some great photos...but, I smashed my phone.  You know, as it fell off of the kitchen counter, it did not tumble, or turn even a little bit.  It simply fell, flat as a pancake.  Fblapp. Like that.
When the snow melee had ended, we went inside to the Barnes & Noble Cafe, where the kids had hot chocolate and pastries.

In the evening (and after Brendon and Cody spent 4 hours at the skate park), we went to Pizza, Wings and Things and caught the first half of the U of A v ASU game..which the Wildcats hung on to win, the Sun Devils making it down to the 15 yard line as time expired!! 

Good day.


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