We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kimmy's second homecoming

11/15/2010...was a wonderful day.  Exciting.  Refreshing and full of hope.  I knew Kim being at home was a lot more work for me, but I was looking forward to it.  Just being able to have her home was a tremendous feeling!

Here was one of Autumn's emails to a friend:


Well, she's done it again! Digging deep, Kim was deemed well enough to make it out of St. Joseph's again...we're praying it is longer than the 20 or so hours that she was home last time!! All of Kim's Dr's. agreed she is well enough to make it home. She can walk to the bathroom on her own and can sit in a chair for several hours now. She was sent home with oxygen and has several tanks for travel to Dr appointments, which she has nearly daily the rest of this week and a large home unit that plugs into the wall and makes oxygen for her (and makes a great white noise that I'm looking forward to falling asleep to). She still has her drain, too, which we are hoping will be removed at Dr. Atkinson's office on Thursday afternoon. It is producing less and the drainage is being tested to see if there is anything funky growing in there. I will give her a daily Lovenox injection to control blood clotting, flush her drain three times per day, and give her pain killers, anti-biotics, etc throughout the day. All of Kim's Dr's and nurses were sad to see her go...she sure touched the lives of many while in that hospital, as Kim tends to do.
We loaded up the back seat of our Toyota Tundra to capacity, with all of the items collected from well-wishers and then had to fit two tanks of oxygen! We stopped by Walmart to get her syringes of Lovenox and Kim waited patiently in the truck for about an hour while I got that prescription filled (no one shops at Walmart for their service!). When we arrived home, the kids had once again decorate our driveway with side walk chalk...if you've ever had a chance to make it to San Diego for their Columbus Day festa in Little Italy, they have this incredible 'chalka estrada', a sidewalk chalk art gallery right on the streets and sidewalks, where artists make beautiful murals on the street - well, our kids brought a little of that festa to our neighborhood, on our driveway for Kim, creating a beautiful mural welcoming her home. As we got inside, she was very tired and I noticed her tank had run out of air! Upon further inspection, I noticed it was not turned on!! Either the tech from the hospital who loaded us up forgot to turn it on when he transferred her from the hospital tank to ours, or, when he placed it in the back of our truck, the handle somehow got turned off during transit. We are not sure how long she was without oxygen, but quickly hooked her up an she had instant relief and quickly fell asleep.

The bambini's were so happy to have her home, they came streaming out of the house at terrifying speeds, and smothered Kim with love. Bella behaved very well, containing her 'Tigger' like demeanor. Betsey had  picked them up from school for us, as Kim and I endured the grinding process of hospital check out, which began around 8 a.m. and saw our freedom come around 3:30. Grammie and Grandpa Jim had spent the day as 'white tornadoes', cleaning our home for Kim's arrival and then taking the kids and Bella across the street to the park. We all ate dinner together, for the first time in nearly one month.

It sure has been a long, surreal month. Kim still has a long journey ahead, and today marked a significant step forward. This week, we have appointments with her surgeon, her vascular specialist, her generalist and her oncologist, who will determine what and when we will be able to go after the tumors that Kim has. We pray that her lungs are ready...her mind is set!

Thanks again for all of your support, the daily dinners that are being delivered, help with the kids, happy thoughts and the prayers, mostly the prayers!!!

'If today your hear His voice, harden not your hearts'...you have all heard and helped!! Thank you and God bless,
Love, Dave"

          I remember being scared - not having the nurses and techs help...and not having a Dr. close by had me on edge.  Giving Kim her lovenox shots, twice a day, hurt me.  She was so sweet and gracious saying things like "Ok, go ahead and give me my shot.  I'm ready!", knowing that I had just injected her, but pretending that I was so good at giving them, that she didn't even feel it!     
          We quickly got on a schedule, lining up a notebook for Kim's medications, monitoring oxygen, scheduling visits with Bayada Nurses, who would come every few days to take Kim's vitals, meals, showers - I took one of our patio chairs and fit it in the shower.  I would move her oxygen down the hallway so her line could reach and she could sit in the shower - something she found such a luxury and cried grateful tears!  She was such a great patient...
          And our first dinner together, with her parents here, was so moving and meaningful...Carole and Jim worked so hard around the house, helping keep it clean, helping prepare meals, helping with the bambini

           I can't describe to you the mish mash of emotions we went through.  On one hand, sheer joy and relief to have Kim well enough to come home.  On the other, feeling a frightened, over the enormous responsibility, with medical back up so far away.  We found 'quality' time in being able to sit together in our own home.  And working for Kim, trying to save her, and any comfort I could provide her, gave us both intimate time together...

          Have I mentioned how much I miss her?


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  1. I can't even begin to imagine how much you miss her...