We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


                   Last year, this night, Melissa, Volunteer Coordinator at Cottonwood Elementary, put together the most amazing fun raiser for our family at Chuy's.  Kimmy had a good day, but, of course, was not able to actually go to Chuy's.  Our neighbor, Amy, sat with her while I was there and cooked some of her famous chicken adobo - I'll have to get that recipe from her to post - it is so good! 
                  Chuy's was completely packed.  If it wasn't for Kim being where she was, it would have been one of the best bashes I've ever attended!  But what made it so incredible, was the energy and the optimism that emanated from everyone there.  That event helped us more than I can tell you.  Afterwards, Angie and Andrea came back to the house to visit with Kim for awhile and help me get her ready to sleep.
                Kim was really trying to feel 'normal', too.  She told me several times that she did not just want to exist.  When I went to pick up the bambini that day, she managed to get into the kitchen to make the kids soft pretzels and nearly knocked herself out trying to get the kosher salt down from the cabinet using a spatula!  She cracked me up!  And, of course, there was the shower.  Today, last year, was one of the first times in a month that she showered by herself, as I had placed a chair in the shower for her.

 "Melissa, Kim and I could never begin to find the words to adequately thank you for putting together such a wonderful fund raiser tonight! I wish Kim could have been there to see it - I did get some photos, but if you know anyone else who got some, please have them email them to us. I also wish I could have had time to sit with, speak to and thank everyone who was there - after I ate a little, I did my best to get to every table. It was overwhelming - there are so many good people in our community. Thanks for helping our family and all of the hard work you put into tonight. It was incredible. Love, Dave"
               You know, I don't think I ever did get anybody's photos they might have taken that night...if you saved them, please send me some!  Thanks.

                Chuy's is closed now, but this is a memory that I will forever keep...

                Culver's is open now, though, and we met Mary, Emilio and Brinley Montes there for burgers and custard (Autumn and Cody stuck with the lemon Italian ice that they sell).  We had an intriguing discussion over what 'cheese curds' might be (anyone from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, help us out because we were not brave enough to try anything with the word 'curd' in it!).  The burgers were great!

Little Brinley was such a good little girl and entertained us the whole time we were there.  I bet she will be walking by the end of next week - she is so strong!

She even let me hold her!  Babies smell so good!  Brinley was thoroughly entertained by a little music box with flashing lights, gripping it and talking to it.  Mary will have her reciting the alphabet before long!  This little girl is blessed to have wonderful parents!  Autumn can't stop talking about how cute she is.
And then we watched the Arizona Wildcats push #12 Florida into OT and nearly come away with a victory!!  The 'Cats are exciting to watch.

Here we were, back when Cody was our baby.  Cody was fascinated with Kim's long hair...to the point where she started to wear it short!  I love her eyes in this photo - they are so bright and full of life!

Once again...Kimmy always made me feel like I was the funniest man on earth, and did I mention the luckiest?


Gospel, Mt 11:28-30
28 'Come to me, all you who labour and are overburdened, and I will give you rest.
29 Shoulder my yoke and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls

...Lord knows I could use some rest...


  1. Thanks for sharing these photos - Cody and the whole family look incredibly sweet. :)

  2. dude! take it from a wisconsin-born cheese lover... cheese curds are so yummy! they are like cheese sticks but smaller. try them next time :) oh and baby cody in that pic is just precious!

  3. So glad that we are getting together! I think one of our future trips must be to a zoo : ) Maybe the Phoenix zoo one of these days...

    I'm not surprised by Kim's idea to go short...I keep finding my hair in Brinley's hand/grip (I agree she is pretty strong)

    I'm thinking a couple more years and Autumn would be a great babysitter : )

  4. Thanks for the nice comments, everyone! I'll try the cheese, Sarah, just have an issue with the word 'curd', I guess...It was fun Mary, yeh, let's do the zoo! Autumn would LOVE to babysit!! Dave