We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hockey the Hard Way

              Tonio has never been to an NHL game.  We've taken him to a bunch of University of Arizona Icecats games, which he has enjoyed, but he's never seen NHL caliber play.  Cody's been to the most - Kim and I would still get up to at least two games per season, sometimes as many as five.  Autumn's been to a handful, but did not remember.

              Last night, we changed all of that...

              Driving to Phoenix in a driving rain, with little visiblity, after working Kim's pancake breakfast, was a challenge, but we made it just in time.  Walking through the parking lot (free parking!!) to the entertainment plaza (The Cardinals stadium is on one end and the Coyotes arena on the other.  In between, is a huge shopping/entertainment lifestyle center), we could see the red glow of its name 'Westgate'...Cody asked me quietly "Dad, isn't that the name of the mall where you met Mama?"

The bambini particularly liked the fountains that danced to the music being pumped through dozens of speakers throughout the plaza.  We started high fiving fellow Flyers fans, until we realized that there were just too many of them to possibly acknowledge.  Our hands/arms would have fallen off if we tried.

We had great seats, thanks to Keith Ganske for hooking us up!

I chose my 'Kim' tribute jersey...

The bambini were dissappointed that their favorite Flyer and imminent Hall of Famer, Chris Pronger would not be playing that night, due to knee injury...but, I taught them about another imminent Hall of Famer, Jaromir Jagr, who the Flyers signed during the offseason.

Cody and Autumn were very into the game, shouting, getting up onto their feet, disagreeing with the ref's!  Tonio - off and on.  He'd break into the 'Let's Go Flyers' chant that our section started and enjoyed getting dipping dots during the game - I estimated that the Flyers faithful represented at least 40% of the crowd, with jersey's ranging from Lindros to Briere.  The people watching at these events never disappoints.  The fan in front of us wore a Flyers goalie mask the entire time.  That cannot be comfortable.

A giant taco delighted all of the bambini.  Autumn insisted that I capture a photo.

The Flyers really entertained us with a 4-2 victory! 

We drove back through more rain and made it home at just past midnight...

...that did not stop us from getting up for church with Angie and Andrea this morning!  Then, of course, the usual festa at Viro's!!  I took all of the kids to see Dolphin's Tale tonight.  It was a good show, but a little sad in spots.  At one point, the little girl character, tells her friend that her mom died when she was 7.  Tonio leans over and whispers "Hey, me too!" After the show, Lexy, Breanna and Autumn decided they wanted to have dinner at Mimi's Cafe.  The food there proved to be just a little rich for poor Tonio, who literally sprinted for their restroom.  As I was cleaning him up, Tonio says "Sorry Dad.  Well, at least I made it to the toilet this time.  Remember at Anthony's Grotto in San Diego how I just threw up the whole way to the bathroom?".  He's a pleasant puker.  Andrea helped me with some of Kimmy's stuff for a great charity event she worked today, helping at the annual Giving Tree.  It felt better knowing that some of Kim's things could go to helping much less fortunate women in our community...especially with the cold weather upon us!

But, they had a good day between church, breakfast,  movies, dinner and playtime!! 


Here's some randome Kimba shots:

                                   We liked squid - calamari - even the tenacles!!  Both boys can eat a whole plate!

Such a beautiful shot...


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  1. Autumn has a great smile just like her mom...

    And I love it that the kids know the stories of you and Kim. That he remembered the name of the mall is pretty cool!

    There are some families that shut down and don't talk about loved ones that have passed because it is too hard, but you are amazing keeping her spirit alive in their everyday life.