We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Great Escape

              Before I go anywhere, let me say, that when we heard today about the birth of Jackson Rudzena, son of Autumn's teacher, Casey and Jack - it made our day!!

                                     Weighing in at 7lbs 4oz and 19 inches long!!  Nicely done Casey and Jack!!  These guys are going to be great parents!!

                             So many wonderful people in our lives were blessed with babies this year...all of them, Kim loved and admired so much and would have been so very happy for them, to welcome their little ones into the world...I know she is smiling down on all of you...I can see the small tears of joy that would be trailing down her lovely cheeks and that smile, the words of congratulations, in her heartfelt sweet voice...Enjoy your babies!!  They grow up TOO fast!!

                             We had news that brought us great joy on this date last year.  Kim was being released from St. Joseph's!!  We had a literal parade of Dr's visit to sign off on her and many techs and nurses came by with well wishes for the 'Angel of St. Joseph's'.  Kim was beaming and her appetite was so good.  Her appetite.  It may seem to be a weird memory, but, she so totally enjoyed each and every meal that she had over the 55 days of her fight.  It was so fun to cook for her when she did come home, because she appreciated every bite.
                            Andrea and the bambini worked so hard to make huge banners to welcome Kim home and they cleaned and decorated our home for her arrival.  We had bought Kimmy extra pillows and she couldn't wait to get into her own bed and prop herself up comfortably with them!  The bambini were so excited and optimistic.  Tonio told us that he knew Mama was home to stay for good.  He recited the Lord's Prayer for Kimmy, showing her how he had memorized it and was praying for her.  Andrea made her tortellini soup and her and the girls stayed late helping us celebrate Kimmy's home coming.  Kim slept pretty darn good that night!!

                      Tonight, we added a fun little twist to our regular Tuesday night dinner at Lupe and Manny's home.  Lupe had just made us fish soup last night, after the Expedition left Cody and I stranded outside of Catholic Social Services on Speedway and Main, and Angie had called this morning to ask us to join her, Janene, Bryson and Kason at Peter Piper Pizza.  I told Lupe, that this would be a great way to get all of the kids together and she wouldn't have to cook again tonight and there'd be no cleanup! 
                     It is still strange, being in the new Peter Piper, that used to be Linens 'N Things, the store that I managed for two years.  I still remind the kids, that the area where they have put a mini roller coaster used to be the sheet room in Linens 'N Things.  And, prior to LNT, it was the El Dorado movie theater.  Kim and I saw many movies there.  I have fond memories of working at that building.  It was close enough that Kim would stop down for lunch and we'd take the kids to Arizona Pizza and have one of their huge slices.  We'd poke our heads into Unique Identity Salon and say hi to Janene at her shop.  Kim loved to make a stop in Pier One, as well.
                   The kids tore through a ton of tokens tonight, ate nearly 4 pizzas!!  The kids love all of the 'prizes' they earn playing the games  and had us hanging out there for a couple of hours...they had a fun night.

                                                             Angel in Sedona

This picture was taken back in the summer of '95.  We took Cajun to Sedona and taught her how to swim here. 


  1. She is so pretty! I can't wait to take Brinley & Emilio to Sedona someday...

    I was just thinking about all the babies this year, especially Cottonwood babies, I can see the tears of joy that Kim would have for each baby : )

  2. Think of you and the kids often and read all of your blogs. Can't imagine how hard this next week will be for you. Hope Kim's spirit and memories will give you all strength and peace.