We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Friday, December 9, 2011

Guitar Hero

                   Last year, this day, Kim was having her third 'good' day in a row!  We were ecstatic, with renewed hope.  The one thing that really bothered us, was, that Kim still could not walk on her own...a foreshadowing, of sorts.
                  We did some more shopping together.  Ross was one of our stops.  Kim was so cute.  She picked out an outfit or coat for everyone and had seen a black Puma shirt that she liked for me.  I told her that we were not shopping for gift for me and that I really did not need a shirt.  She nodded, agreeably, and, I swear, she hung that shirt back up on the rack.
                   I hadn't given it another thought, until, the cashier had scanned each item that I placed upon the counter.  Suddenly, Kim reached into the fold of her wheelchair and produced the black Puma shirt!  "And this."  she implored the cashier.  She had clandestinely hidden the shirt until that last possible moment..all the while looking at me with those big, blue, laughing eyes...
                      Her and Cody ended this nice day by playing Guitar Hero together...

                                                       Degrazia Gallery in the Sun Chapel

Our neighbor, Amy, had cleared the way for Kim to collect supplemental sick time off pay!

"Here we go! I bet you get a huge response."

        Jenna Edwards, wife of Brent, assistant principal of Rincon Vista, is an RN and volunteered to come over and help me with Kimmy:

> "Hey Conca Family : )
> I would love to come over and visit with you! My schedule is pretty
> flexible... Let me know if it would be better to come over during the
> day, while kids are in school, or in the evening.
> It would be great to see you, talk and be of any service I can-
> Just let me know what works for you guys.
> Jenna"

        We made plans for Jenna to come over and help...but Kimmy did not quite make it that long...

         And my Dad sent me news that the Baltimore Orioles had acquired J.J. Hardy, shortstop, from Minnesota. 

          It was a good day...


                                                                    Holiday biscotti...part 1         

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